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10 Unknown Facts about 17.20.12 Candles Co.

Updated: Jan 10

17.20.12 Candles Co was established in 2018 as a collaboration between Jessica and Memphis Clyburn. While there have been several changes with processes and procedures, but this dynamic duo is here to stay. Here are 10 unknown facts about 17.20.12 Candles.

10 unknown / little known facts

  1. 49% co-owner is 15 year old Memphis Clyburn.

  2. Memphis made his first candle as a hobby when he was 6, the scent was Lemongrass.

  3. In an effort to earn money for a mountain bike, the business was officially started and the collaboration began in 2018.

  4. Memphis still doesn't have a mountain bike, after earning the money to purchase the bike, he changed his mind and decided to leave the money in the bank.

  5. Memphis ultimate goal is to own a car shop that specializes in upgrades. His nickname is the "candle making mechanic".

  6. Profit for wax melts are given to little brother Denver Clyburn.

  7. Memphis favorite fragrances are peppermint and orange.

  8. Rain & Earth is the most burned candle in the home.

  9. The ultimate goal is to grow both 17.20.12 and Alchemist Soaps so we create an environment of generational wealth.

  10. Shea Body Butter is Memphis favorite Alchemist Soaps product.

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