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Our Story

   10 Years of Perfecting my Craft   

I began making soap to treat my son, Memphis, eczema. The oatmeal goats milk soap helped his skin tremendously and now at 11 years old, you can't tell eczema was an issue. I have added some things to my recipes and have also taken things away, all to prefect a soap that makes your skin feel just magical. Its truly amazing how the simplest ingredients can combine to make something completely unexpected yet remarkable. 

Sharing in the entrepreneurial spirit, Memphis decided that he wanted to play an even bigger role in the family business and developed the 17 20 12 Candle line.  He is the key element that chooses fragrances for his line and each candle is hand poured by Memphis himself.

Alchemist Soaps and Etcetera and 17 20 12 Candles are the keystones of JC's Handmade Soaps and Such.  The mission of the company is to share with the world the wonders of handcrafted body care and home products that are sustain-ably and simply made with the highest quality of ingredients.  We hope you enjoy using what we have poured our hearts into, just as much as we enjoy creating it.  Many thanks, peace and blessings to you!

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